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Don't forget about a fox

This work is a documentary from an "individual" point of view.I had been living in Thailand for the past ten years. Being in Thailand for my husband's work is not an unhappy thing. However, it is true that there is a tendency to feel peer pressure in the small Japanese community and to try to get everyone to go in the same direction. The language barrier, being a foreigner, and feeling like you are living in a glass box. Then I came back to Thailand again this year, and four years ago I took up photography, and it changed my life. I realized that if I had a subject to photograph, I could get out of that glass box. One day I went to the zoo. It was a zoo on top of a department store, and there were flamingos roaming around. I was in front of the fox's room, amidst the sounds of tropical birds. Through the thick glass, the fox was staring at me blankly. It was then that I remembered myself from ten years ago. Now I'm looking at the fox from the outside. But now I felt thatI loved myself back then.It is a work that tries to understand the world in which we live by reconsidering my movement, loneliness, and remarkable things that I did not try to see at that time, in multiple words.


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