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Sanctuary of the housingcomplex

There is an old public housing in the town I grew up. I was told that Brazilians residing in there. I moved out the town 30 years ago. Two years ago, I decided to walk around the complex. I asked around if I could take pictures of those Brazilians. They invited me in and allowed me to photograph. However, I was wondering why I had some discomfort. One day I visit a tattoo shop. Diego, the owner who spoke fluent Japanese introduced me to a girl named SACHI. The tattoo shop is seen as abnormality even among the Brazilian community. Sachi and I made friend. One day, she got a tattoo on her cheek. Getting a tattoo on one’s face will rid of job opportunities here in Japan. The next day, we took a picture together. I promised myself never to get sentimental over this. But at that moment, I felt the urge to take a picture together.
I tried to see this Brazilian community objectively like a bird-eye view. However, I finally realized that I came to know the sanctuary in this housing complex through only one person I care.


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