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You say good-bye(Shinmeiza)

It was two years ago I experienced a fascinating encounter with this troupe.My friend, a big fan of the troupe, told me they were in town putting on a
show. From her enthusiastic story about their performance, I found out that they are continuously on the move changing locations in roughly onemonth-interval.
Everyday in a tiny backstage room, they dress into costumes, put on theirstage makeup, and even have meals there.
Some are with their families and some away.I tried to find the right words to describe who they are.
However, I could not find anything adequate.Their always-on-the-move lifestyle will continue endlessly as long as theychoose to stay as performers.It requires only half a day to pack and load their things onto their three 4-ton-size trucks.Just mentioning the number of wigs they own alone, it counts over 200.
Then, they move to the next location, unpack, and assemble their dressing room before that day is over.
They repeat this process every month. Their fans miss them leaving everytime, however, they are used to say good-bye with smile.They were very friendly and accepting, allowing me to enter into their space. However, still, the distance between us remains far.


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